Deer crashes into school

YOUNGSTOWN – Summit Academy principal Mike Majzun said if it weren’t for a random fire drill, a deer that crashed through a window of the school Monday morning could have done a lot more damage.

Majzun said he normally schedules the fire drills, but when the fire department showed up about 10 a.m., he agreed to perform the drill.

“We got all the kids out of the building in about a minute or a minute and a half, and as soon as I closed the door, I see from across our parking lot a buck, a deer, a pretty good-sized one, charging at our building,” he said.

Majzun said students jumped aside as the deer crashed through a window on the bottom floor.

“I don’t know how fast he was going, but he was going fast enough to shatter the glass,” he said.

Majzun said the buck ran down the hallway and into the gymnasium, where teachers were able to open up two exit doors.

“Once he got in the building, it seemed like he was more afraid of us. He just moseyed his way up our stage and across the stage and then made his way out,” he said, noting that the deer appeared to be uninjured and ran off. However, they did find some of its blood throughout the building, which Majzun attributed to scratches from the broken glass.

The school suffered a few broken tables and chairs, but there were no injuries.

“If the kids were in the building at the time, it could have been a lot different,” Majzun said.