Woman testifies of partying

WARREN – A 28-year-old Warren woman who said she spent the day after Louis Mann’s parents were murdered ”partying” with him also told jurors Tuesday that Mann cried about killing his mother, but not his father.

Atara Broadus also said Mann talked to his friends about the murders and ”it was almost like he was bragging about it.”

It was the second day of testimony in the capital murder case.

The woman said Mann picked her up near the intersection of North Park Avenue and Washington Street in Warren.

”He flashed cash in my face. He said party, like drugs, drinking and having sex. The whole bit,” she said.

Mann was driving his parents’ yellow Cadillac DeVille and he and Broadus bought crack cocaine and went to a motel on Mahoning Avenue N.W. the same day his mother and father were murdered.

Broadus told jurors that early the next morning, Mann took her to the Jefferson Street S.W. home, where she saw the bodies of the murdered couple.

”He grabbed my hand. We went in the back door. His mother was under a blanket. ‘What do you think of me now,’ he asked me,”’ she said.

Mann is accused of strangling his mother with a clothesline and shooting his father and beating him to death with a flashlight on Sept. 30, 2011. Philip J. Mann Sr., 59, died from blunt cranial trauma and multiple gunshot wounds to the head. Mann’s mother, Frances M. Mann, 53, died of ligature strangulation.

He told Broadus that he snapped after his parents threatened to seek custody of his 9-year-old daughter since he and his wife Tonya had been in and out of rehab for drug addiction.

Besides the death penalty, Mann also faces life without any chance of parole and life with chance of parole after 25 or 30 years.

Mann’s defense team have already admitted that their client killed his parents and they are only trying to convince jurors to spare his life.

Prosecutors Chris Becker and Gabe Wildman, who expect to wrap up their case this afternoon with testimony from the coroner, played a tape for jurors that contained a conversation between Mann and his wife, who was in jail when the couple was killed.

Defense attorneys Greg Meyers, Matt Pentz and David Rouzzo said they will present evidence from a psychologist about sexual abuse Mann suffered as a boy.

Judge W. Wyatt McKay told the jury he expects to hear closing arguments and get instructions Thursday. If Mann is convicted of aggravated murder and aggravated robbery, the mitigation phase would start Oct. 24 and closing arguments and deliberations in that second phase would start Oct. 28.

Tonya Mann also testified Tuesday, telling how Mann visited her in the jail along with her mother, his daughter and stepchildren the morning of Oct. 1, 2011. His wife told the jury how her husband was intoxicated at the time and almost fell asleep a couple times during the visit.

She described Mann using his finger to make a slashing motion to his throat while explaining that his parents were ”gone.”

Tonya Mann said she passed on concerns about the Mann couple to her mother, who alerted police. They found the bodies that Saturday afternoon while Mann picked up Broadus again before buying more crack cocaine and checking into the Capri Motel in Howland.

Howland Patrolman Mark Klaholz told about spotting the Cadillac at the motel and waiting for Warren detectives to arrive when they used a key to get into the motel room, surprising a naked Mann and Broadus.

Detective Wayne Mackey, who was among the officers barging into the room, testified about gathering receipts for motel rooms and cells phones that Mann bought with more than $1,400 he stole from his parents account at Huntington Bank.

Mackey showed photos of Mann at the drive-through window to withdraw money on at least four occasions.

It was Mackey’s partner, detective Michael Currington, who got a confession from Mann who admitted killing his mother and than his father over a 30-year-old ”fit of rage.”