YSU among America’s top colleges

YOUNGSTOWN – YSU was recognized Tuesday among the top schools in the nation by Forbes magazine. The university was ranked 638 overall in their America’s Top Colleges for 2013 list and 160 in the Midwest.

“To have YSU on the list of the nation’s top schools is an achievement worth noting and an accomplishment of which we can all be very proud,” YSU President Randy J. Dunn said in a release. “Our students and alumni are well aware of YSU’s excellence; it’s gratifying to see that affirmed by a reputable, independent source such as Forbes.”

The rankings take into consideration cost, graduation rates, student loans and a variety of other measurements. They are developed by Forbes in partnership with the Washington, D.C.-based Center for College Affordability and Productivity.

“What sets our calculation apart from other rankings is our firm belief in ‘output’ over ‘input,'” Forbes says. “We’re not all that interested in what gets a student into college Our sights are set directly on return on investment: What are students getting out of college?”

Elsewhere in the state, Kent State University ranked 605 overall and 151 in the Midwest, while The Ohio State University ranked 138 overall. The top university on the list was Stanford. All in all, the list ranks 650 colleges and universities.

Dunn said that even though YSU is closer to the bottom of the list, there are about 2,000 four-year universities and colleges in the nation, which means about two-thirds of the schools didn’t even make it into the rankings.

“Just to be included on the list means that we are among the top one-third of four-year institutions in the nation, which is something very much worthy of our attention,” he said.