Water leak eludes workers

WARREN – Joe Discerni said he’s grown accustomed to seeing work trucks recently on Roosevelt Street N.W., where he has lived the past 15 years.

Still, he said that seeing a Warren city water sanitation truck stuck in sinkhole almost directly across the street from his front door Wednesday morning was a little disconcerting.

“It’s a mess around here. It’s no fault of the workers or the mayor or the city. But what can you do with 100-year-old infrastructure? You can only apply so many bandages. You can only fix something so many times.”

City workers have been trying to locate a troublesome water leak along a portion of the street. Officials said crews dug up a portion of the street to find a 3-year-old leak on Tuesday. Workers patched the hole with dirt and gravel. However, the sanitation truck drove over the patch and sunk into the street on Wednesday.

The driver was not hurt. The truck was towed a couple hours later, but crews remained in the area much of the day trying to locate the water main break.

Mayor Doug Franklin said the truck was not damaged and was back on the road later that day.

Residents said the area has had a lot of drainage problems and pointed out to news reporters a water buildup at the end of one driveway. City workers shut the water off at one house to try to stop the water flow, residents said.

“But they can’t find the water main break and it’s a real mess,” Discerni said.

Workers said the hole was filling up with water and there was also a steady stream of water flowing through a nearby sewer grate.

“It would be great if they find it for sure,” Discerni said. “This is a great neighborhood. I like living here. The neighbors are great. We just have this pesky problem and it would be nice to finally have it resolved and taken care of.”

“We are bringing in a company to locate and repair the leak,” Franklin said.