Pair robbed at gunpoint by bicyclists

WARREN – City police are investigating an armed robbery involving two individuals described as “very young” at the intersection of Benton Street and Niles Road S.E. on Sunday.

Anthony Cruz, 18, and Danielle Klimek, no age, both of Benton Street S.E., told police they were returning from the Fruit Market on Niles Road just before 10 p.m. when they noticed two males on bicycles were circling them.

Cruz and Klimek said that as they neared the intersection they heard a clicking sound behind them and turned to see what it was, the report states. They said they saw that one of the males had dropped his bike and was standing behind them with a black pistol pointed at them.

The gunman told them to give him all of their cash and then pressed the muzzle of his pistol against Cruz’s head, according to reports. Cruz and Klimek said they each emptied their wallets and handed the cash over to him. According to reports, the other male continued circling Cruz and Klimek and never said anything.

They told police the gunman got back on his bike and rode west on Niles Road, while the other male went up Draper Street and turned north. Cruz and Klimek fled on foot to their residence, about 100 feet away, and called police.

Police reported they checked the area and spoke to several people on Draper Street, including residents who were sitting in front of a house, but were told no one on a bike had come by while they were there. However, neighbors told police there had been a similar incident on Saturday. Police reports indicate they did not receive any calls regarding a similar robbery in that area on Saturday.

Cruz and Klimek told police the males were about 14 or 15 years old. They said one was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and the other was wearing a gray hoodie. No injuries were reported.