Driver apologizes after accident, but then flees

HOWLAND – Police here were looking for an affectionate hit-skip motorist who rear-ended a Fowler Township woman Thursday night, apologized profusely and offered a hug before getting back into her car and taking off.

”I told her to be careful and get back in her car or she might get hit by a car herself. While I called 911, she drove off,” said Heather Broda, 33, of Bushnell-Campbell Road, who suffered a lumbar sprain

Broda and her 12-year-old son, Devon Pierce, were both taken to St. Joseph Health Center, where her son was treated for a back injury and a concussion. He was off school Friday and missed the chance to play in an upcoming football game.

Broda said she was driving south on Niles Cortland Road when she was hit from behind by a small, dark vehicle, possibly a Honda, that was driven by what appeared to be a teenage girl.

”She was probably a student and might have been wearing a school shirt or sweatshirt,” Broda said.

”She simply came up and said ‘Oh my God! I’m so sorry. Can I give you a hug?”’ Broda said. ”Then she was gone.”