Candidate owes taxes

Youngstown mayoral candidate DeMaine Kitchen hasn’t paid property taxes on his East Side home dating back to August 2011.

After the Tribune Chronicle brought it to his attention early Wednesday afternoon, he said he would take care of it.

“I will be there first thing in the morning with check in hand,” he said.

Kitchen owes $4,570, which includes the years when no payments were made, penalties and a delinquency of $2,394, records show.

Records from the Mahoning County Auditor’s Office show the last payment made for 77 Struthers Liberty Road was in August 2011 – right around the time Kitchen and his wife began buying the home from Rosewood Investment Corp. through a land contract.

There have been no payments for 2011 and 2012 taxes.

Kitchen called the misstep a ”mistake, not neglect,” but another candidate in what is shaping up to be really a two-man race called out Kitchen on the lapse in payments.

”If you want to run for office, want to be a leader in the city, you cannot fall into those traps,” said Democrat candidate John A. McNally.

”You have to be current, especially if you want to talk about these issues,” McNally said.

When contacted Wednesday by the Tribune Chronicle, Kitchen said he knew of the past due amount, but was unaware of the delinquency. He said confusion over whether the taxes were rolled into his monthly land contract payment led to the non-payment, but he intended to clear up the delinquency and work out a payment plan for the remainder sometime Thursday.

A land contract recorded Aug. 24, 2011, calls for Kitchen, from that date forward, to be ”solely responsible” for real estate taxes. The property deed has not transferred to Kitchen, who is buying the home for about $66,000.

Other candidates in the race are independent candidates Frank Bellamy and John Crea and write-in candidate Claudette Moore.