Avalon complaint leveled

HOWLAND – A property owner whose home borders Old Avalon Golf course called township police twice Monday after hearing loud, explosive sounds coming from the direction of the number one tee box.

Scott Donaldson, whose property is on Avalon Drive, reported hearing loud bangs outside in the direction of the golf course Monday afternoon.

”The first time, they (Howland police) did not find anyone,” Donaldson said. “They caught the kids the second time they were out here.”

Donaldson was told by police the kids were firing potato launchers.

As the owner of property bordering the course, Donaldson said he is concerned about the condition of the course, calling it deplorable. He also is concerned that since the course is closed, it will attract people who might want to break into nearby houses.

Donaldson estimates there is more than $3 million in property surrounding the municipal course and that most of the property owners paid a premium because of where they are located.

“Warren is letting our property values go down by not maintaining and operating the course as a golf course,” he said.

Howland police found the front door of the clubhouse unlocked. Warren officials were called and it was locked later that day.

Efforts to reach city officials about the maintenance and security of the course on Tuesday were not successful.

Last week, Safety-Service Director Enzo Cantalamessa said the city has been working maintaining the course and working to find some person or organization to operate it.

The city is still waiting to find out whether city council is going to give it the authority to sell the course.