McDonald board race lacks hopefuls

McDONALD – For the second time this election cycle, an area school board race has not garnered enough potential hopefuls to fill vacant seats.

Aug. 7 was the filing deadline for all November races. However, no one filed to fill the two vacant seats on the McDonald Board of Education. Since that time, Robert Jones Jr. filed as a write-in.

“I was sad that no one signed up,” said outgoing board member Catherine Harvey. “It’s a wonderful position. We get to shape the policy that educates our future.”

Harvey has served two terms for a total of eight years. She said maybe people are shying away from the position because the district went through a difficult period when it was placed in fiscal emergency by the state.

However, she said the community supported a levy that helped them work their way out of fiscal emergency in two years’ time by March 2011.

“McDonald has gone through a rough patch and has come out the other side even stronger,” she said.

Since she last ran, responsibilities and life changes have forced her to redirect her time. She will not be running again.

“I’ve got to have some new priorities … Right now, it’s family time,” she said.

The deadline to file as a write-in candidate is 4 p.m. Aug. 26. Kelly Pallante, director of the Trumbull County Board of Elections, said it only takes one vote for a write-in candidate to be elected.

“Believe it or not, there have been instances where a write-in candidate has not gotten that one,” Pallante said.

She said the board’s website is being updated constantly when new candidates apply.

The Liberty Board of Education was facing a similar difficulty. As of the filing deadline earlier this month, one person filed for a board that has three vacant seats. Since then, two write-in candidates have filed.

Come January, if any board position remains unfilled, it will be up to the school board to appoint someone to the position.