Details emerge in murder case

WARREN – Even though she didn’t know his last name, Melody McGlothlin said she allowed accused murderer Richard Clark to stay at her Maryland Street home for about a month.

”We honored each other’s privacy. I didn’t snoop around in his room. He stayed out of my space,” McGlothlin said Friday at a suppression hearing in Clark’s case. ”He didn’t stay there every night. Only occasionally, if he needed a shower or something.”

McGlothlin, who lives with her two small children, said she met Clark through a mutual friend and he agreed to give her two tattoos for $80 earlier this year.

Clark’s tattoo equipment along with drug paraphernalia and weapons were found in the room he used in McGlothlin’s house March 25 when police spotted a stolen car outside the Maryland home. McGlothlin said she had no idea who Clark was until an officer knocked on her door early in the morning.

When she went to get Clark, she found him unconscious and naked in her bathtub.

”His eyes were glazed over and he was unresponsive. I heard he was a diabetic, but it could have been an overdose,” said Sgt. Gary Riggins, who also testified at the hearing.

Clark, 39, whose trial is scheduled for Sept. 9, spent the next four days in Trumbull Memorial Hospital recovering.

He is accused of stabbing Dwayne Hickman, 49, close to a dozen times. Warren police discovered Hickman’s body at his Williamsburg Street N.W. home also on March 25 after a family member asked them to check on his welfare.

Hickman’s white Chevrolet Malibu was missing and then spotted at the Maryland house.

Clark’s attorneys, Matt Pentz and David Rouzzo, are trying to convince Trumbull County Common Pleas Judge Ronald Rice to throw out as evidence the search done at McGlothlin’s house without Clark’s permission and statements he gave to detectives at the hospital.

The defense said Clark’s permission was needed to search his room even though he didn’t pay rent. They also question the statement he made at the hospital since he had just come out of a four-day-long coma.

Detectives point out that McGlothlin gave permission to search at her own home and that Clark didn’t object to giving the hospital statement after he was given his rights.

Police said previously that Hickman and Clark had a history and that Clark had also stayed at Hickman’s home periodically.

Since 1993, Clark had been charged with various crimes, including drug-related offenses, endangering children, theft, receiving stolen property, attempted burglary, stealing a car, unauthorized use of a car, resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon.

Police took Clark into custody at the hospital on a felony drug possession warrant April 2. The next day, police charged him with Hickman’s murder. He has been held at the Trumbull County Jail in lieu of $1 million bond.