Candidates, issue off fall ballot

WARREN – Not one person is going to be on the Nov. 5 ballot for the three open seats on the Liberty Board of Education.

The Trumbull County Board of Elections on Monday disqualified the one person who had filed for a seat on the school board, James Jones, because he fell short of the valid signature requirement on his nominating petition.

Meanwhile, board members learned their monthly salary for the rest of the year will be docked because they were mistakenly overpaid since March 2011. Two former board members will pay back what they have been overpaid.

In addition to Jones, two other candidates fell short of the minimum 25-valid-signature requirement.

Diane Shiley, who filed to run for the Newton Falls Board of Education, had only 21 valid signatures; and Arnie Brom, who filed to run for school board in the Joseph Badger District, had 23 valid signatures. Jones had 23 valid signatures.

A local option for the sale of alcohol at Dority’s Pub, 1434 W. Market St., in Warren’s 7th Ward, was rejected, too, because of insufficient signatures. The option needed 44 signatures to appear on the ballot, and 37 were valid.

Two write-in candidates have filed so far for the Liberty school board race, but there’s still time for others to file. The deadline at the elections board for write-in candidates is 4 p.m. Monday.

Kelly Pallante, elections board director, said the board member salaries should have been adjusted with the 2010 Census, and the mistake wasn’t realized until recently.

Board members will have their pay reduced for the rest of 2013 to make up the difference and will begin their new monthly salary of $1,162 in January. The earned previously $1,193 a month.

According to Pallante, Democrat board members Mark Alberini, board chairman and Ralph Infante, were overpaid $662 and $572. Republican board members Kathi Creed and Ron Knight, $873 and $512 and former board members, Republican Craig Bonar and Democrat Sandy Stabile Harwood must repay $361 and $271.

The amounts are varied because of each person’s length of service on the board.