Car slams tree in Warren

WARREN – Three Warren residents were taken to area hospitals about 5 p.m. Wednesday after a high-speed crash into a tree on Southern Boulevard.

Corey Davis, 36, was driving his sister’s car while his aunt Demetris Ball, 53, was in the passenger seat and a friend of his, Kevin Parks, 21, was riding in the back, according to family members at the scene.

Heading north toward a slight left curve, the vehicle jumped the curb and went airborne before bottoming out at the side of a driveway at 1206 Southern Blvd. and crashing into a front yard tree, emergency crews said.

Davis is being charged with operating a vehicle impaired, reckless driving and driving under license suspension.

Two of the people were trapped inside the mangled car, and crews had to use a hydraulic cutting tool to free the driver, while using hand tools to extract the passenger.

Cheryl Rosier, 55, who lives at the home, said, “What I heard was tires squealing, like he had slammed on his brakes. … They had to be flying.”

She said she saw Parks climb out of the back window of the car and crawl over to her driveway. The woman in the front seat was asking for her help as well, she said.

“She had the seat belt around her neck and was asking me to cut it,” she said.

According to Davis’ brother, William Davis, who arrived shortly after the accident, all of the passengers seemed pretty banged up, but survived.

“Kevin was knocked out,” he said. “Corey wasn’t awake but he was bleeding from all over.”

As for his aunt, he said she was bleeding from her face but still talking.

The Warren Fire Department and Police Department arrived on scene and extracted the two people in the front of the car. They spent about 45 minutes on scene.

The conditions of the victims had not been released Wednesday evening. Warren fire Lt. Al Brown said he couldn’t tell extent of injuries.

“Our only purpose was to get them out,” Brown said of the fire department’s extraction equipment.

Speeding on the street isn’t uncommon, Rosier said. There was another accident in which a car swiped her tree and took out part of a fence on the corner of Southern Boulevard and Linda Drive not too long ago, she said.

“It’s the second time my tree was hit this summer,” she said.