Porter St. garage destroyed in blaze

WARREN – Smoke poured from a property near Porter Street as flames destroyed a garage and the car inside of it Monday afternoon.

Warren fire and police responded about 5:30 p.m. at a garage behind 648 Porter St. N.E., quickly extinguishing the fire, which did not spread to any of the houses nearby.

Steve Williams, assistant fire chief in Warren, said the garage and Mercedes-Benz inside looked to be a total loss.

“That property belongs to a vacant house that used to be there and no longer is,” Williams said of the garage. “Neighbors said it has been here for a considerable amount of time. The door had been open and people have been in and out. There was some vandalism in the past.”

According to Williams, there was an that suffered damage. Ohio Edison was contacted to fix the line.

“There was also a little bit of heat damage to the home next door, but that was pretty much it,” Williams said.

While no one was injured in the incident, neighbors gathered around the scene fearing the worst.

Tommy Kearns II of Warren, who lives near to the scene, saw the flames and tried to help.

“My mother called 911 and I came running over in case there were people that needed help,” Kearns said.

Local resident Sandy Hecker was also concerned about the amount of smoke pouring from the garage.

“It was a flashback to the house on Logan,” Hecker said. “I panicked, because I thought it was another house on fire. Two people lived in that other house that burned.”

Christopher Rakarich of Niles was visiting a friend on Porter Street when he heard sirens approaching.

“I ran outside and saw nothing but smoke,” Rakarich said. “Then, there were some flames coming up over the house. It looked bad.”