Detectives are questioned about arrest in murder

WARREN – Court testimony Friday from two Warren police detectives revealed an equipment breakdown in the video recording of a murder suspect at police headquarters last fall.

Detectives Wayne Mackey and Michael Currington were questioning Dale A. Hatch, 25, of Detroit, about his involvement in the murder of Marco Dukes Sr. on the morning of Nov. 11. in Warren.

Hatch was arrested along with three other men and is scheduled to face aggravated murder and attempted aggravated murder charges July 15 in the courtroom of Judge W. Wyatt McKay.

On Friday, Hatch and his attorney John Juhasz were in court attempting to convince McKay to throw out the statement Hatch gave to the two detectives.

Testimony also revealed that Warren Safety-Service Director Enzo Cantalamessa was at police headquarters listening to statements that Hatch gave after the downtown shooting.

Mackey said on Friday that he explained to Hatch, ”Hey, this isn’t Russia. You can stop (your statement) whenever you want.”

The detective said he also properly gave Hatch his Miranda rights and that Hatch said he understood his rights.

But Juhasz said later that Mackey never asked his client whether he was willing to give up those rights, including whether he wanted an attorney or wanted to stop talking.

Mackey said at one point the video recording device that police use to tape statements stopped working.

”I quickly gave my little audio recorder to Detective Currington so he could use that in the meantime. We got the video working in a matter of minutes,” Mackey said.

He said that at that point in the interview, Hatch was asking more questions than the detectives. Mackey didn’t elaborate on why Cantalamessa was there other than to provide details to the city’s administration.

The suppression hearing was continued until June 28 when Juhasz and assistant county prosecutors Chris Becker and Gabe Wildman will question the detectives further about their probable cause for arrest.

Warren police have described the Nov. 11 shooting as a ”major gun battle,” indicating that at least three people involved had high-powered weapons, and Dukes may have returned gunfire as he and an unarmed cousin were apparently ambushed behind a home on Elm Court.

Officers recovered nearly 50 shell casings from various weapons in a parking lot near the scene.

Dukes, 32, was pronounced dead at a Cleveland hospital. His cousin, Larry Smith, 29, of Warren, was wounded and has since recovered.

Police also arrested Derrick “Rizzi” Peete, 22, who has addresses in Detroit and on Webb Avenue S.W. in Warren and a third man who was later released.

Peete faces the same aggravated murder and attempted aggravated murder charges in another court.