Assault case sent to grand jury

WARREN – What was supposed to be a preliminary hearing Monday in Warren Municipal Court instead turned into a parking lot confrontation.

A Warren woman who suffered serious head injuries was prepared to testify Monday that she was pushed out of an attic window last fall, leading to her confinement in a wheelchair.

Instead, Sherri Smith, 22, never got a chance to tell her side of the story since attorneys for Shawn Synuria, 41, also of Warren, decided to waive a preliminary hearing in front of Warren Municipal Judge Terry Ivanchak.

The case is now heading to a Trumbull County grand jury.

Smith was driven to court in an ambulance that picked her up at a nursing home where she stays. The woman is forced to wear a protective helmet.

Following the brief court appearance, Synuria’s wife, Lisa, confronted Smith outside and accused her of lying about the incident.

“You need to go back and tell the court that my husband did not push you out the window, that you were paid for this,” Lisa Synuria said as Smith’s wheelchair was being loaded into a van.

“What are you talking about?” Smith responded.

“There’s an innocent man in jail,” Lisa Synuria said.

“He’s not innocent,” Smith said.

“Yes he is innocent. You know he is, Sherri,” Lisa Synuria said.

Originally charged with attempted murder and held without bond, Shawn Synuria’s charge was amended to felonious assault. Ivanchak also set a bond for the defendant at $75,000 and put a no-contact order in place.

Police and prosecutors described Smith and Synuria as acquaintances who had a relationship sometime before Smith fell from the window on Porter Street N.E.

Tribune Chronicle newspartner WYTV 33 News contributed to this report.