Two shot on North Side

YOUNGSTOWN – Two gunshot victims and 19 spent, 45-caliber casings were found by police responding to a shooting on the North Side of the city late Saturday.

Officers were dispatched around 11:45 p.m. to 444 Catalina in reference to a female shot in the shoulder. Upon arrival police found one victim, Teresa Whitehead, shot through the right shoulder and right arm, sitting inside the front door.

Whitehead’s daughter, Talajsha Whitehead, 20, and her friend Heather Maravola, 26, both of Youngstown, were present during the incident.

Teresa Whitehead told police that Maravola’s ex-boyfriend, Sean Minear, 26, of Youngstown, came to the home and was upset that Maravola would not come outside to talk with him.

According to Teresa Whitehead’s statements, Minear then went to the trunk of the red Grand Am that he was driving, pulled out a gun and began shooting at the house. Talajsha Whitehead and Maravola could not or would not identify Minear as the shooter.

Teresa Whitehead told police that her friend Anthony Carter, 47, was standing next to her during the shooting. Police went to Carter’s home and spoke with him about the incident.

Carter, who had been shot in the left elbow, refused medical treatment. He told police a black male unknown to him came to the Catalina residence asking for someone. Teresa Whitehead was transported to the St. Elizabeth Health Center emergency room and was in stable condition at the time of report.