Man charged with killing kitten

WARREN – An Ohio Avenue man is accused of beating to death a girl’s kitten after an argument with his live-in girlfriend.

Warren police charged Jaycen L. Leapline, 34, with a first-degree misdemeanor charge of killing or injuring animals, which carries a 180-day maximum jail sentence. As of Thursday night he had not been apprehended.

Pamela Calkins, 31, 158 Ohio Ave. N.W., told police her boyfriend beat the tiger kitten against her 12-year-old daughter’s bedroom walls, then threw the cat out a second-story window, according to a Warren police report.

Calkins told police she argued with Leapline over his excessive drinking around 5 a.m. Wednesday. According to the police report, Leapline became upset and began to punch holes in the walls and doors.

At one point, he stated, “Get rid of the cat or I’ll take care of it,” referring to Calkins’ daughter’s 3-month-old kitten, the report states.

Calkins told police she took her daughter to school after she thought Leapline had “settled down.” When she returned, she found the cat lying in the grass in the side yard of the house, the police report states.

Leapline ran out of the house after cleaning the blood off the walls and ceiling, the police report states. There was blood on the bed sheets, window frame and window screen, the report states.

Calkins told police that she and Leapline have been in a relationship since September 2012, that they have lived together at the Ohio Avenue house since March and that her boyfriend has a drinking problem.

Kerry Pettit with the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County told Tribune Chronicle newspartner WYTV 33 News on Thursday that out of 613 calls taken by the agency in 2011, 33 were for physical abuse toward animals.

“When people are under the influence or in a domestic violence situation, often the animals do become involved or are usually the first victims,” Pettit told 33 News.