Coins for a cause

McDONALD – When teachers asked students to bring in quarters to raise money for a local man’s kidney transplant, they didn’t realize how big the collection would get.

More than 4,000 quarters were collected by students at Roosevelt Elementary in a mere five days, raising more than $1,000 after letters were sent home with the children explaining the cause to their parents.

“We brought in $1,073 worth of quarters. It’s unbelievable,” said teacher Judy Fedyski, who helped organize the fundraiser.

“I had no idea they’d end up raising this amount of money,” Brian Fedyski said.

The money raised by the school will help McDonald resident Jeff Joseph, who is in need of a kidney transplant. His wife is a donor match and will be giving him a kidney that will be transplanted later this summer. The Josephs have two daughters, one of whom attends the high school.

The quarters raised by the students also helped pay for a quarter auction on Friday, in which quarters were used to bid on more than 100 baskets containing items donated by area businesses and restaurants, with some containing sports memorabilia.

The total money raised after Friday’s quarter auction was estimated at $15,000.

“We probably had close to 275 (attendees),” Brian Fedyski said, adding that there also were around 100 volunteers, including students and adults. Members of the Joseph family also were in attendance.

Fedyski said he was surprised at how much money was raised for the cause.

“We’d never done one, so we had no idea how much it would generate,” he said. “People were very, very generous.”