Women charged in raid

NEWTON FALLS – The onsite manager of a Braceville spa that was raided last week was arraigned Monday on seven counts of fourth-degree felony charges of promoting prostitution just weeks after the business opened.

Sun Cha Chae, 68, 950 Sandpiper Trail S.E., Warren, was free after posting a $1,500 bond following her arraignment in Newton Falls Municipal Court. She was ordered to surrender her passport.

A spa employee, Kyong Hwa Nguyen, 56, whose address is also listed in court records as 950 Sandpiper Trail, was charged with two third-degree misdemeanor counts of prostitution. She was free on $1,000 bond following her arraignment Monday afternoon.

The women are each scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing April 23.

Meanwhile, property owner Ted Kolacz is to appear in Trumbull County Court at 1:30 p.m. Friday for a nuisance abatement hearing in connection with the raid.

The women were arrested Thursday after Braceville police executed a search warrant at the Rose Spa on state Route 5 near Interstate 80 following an investigation that was initiated in March after police questioned a man detained in a traffic stop.

Police said the man was stopped after leaving the spa. He was among several men who told police they had paid $50 to get into the spa, plus additional money for various sex acts.

During the raid, officers found a customer engaged in a sex act with an employee, according to police reports.

A Mansfield man was arrested at during the raid. However, police said on Monday that they were not sure whether they would charge him.

Last week marks the second time the site was raided. A spa operating out of that building was shut down after a raid in July. Police said they caught a customer engaged in sex acts with an employee.

At the time, the spa operated under the name the Four Seasons Spa, with different management.

The manager at the time, Kay Owens, 62, of Canfield, pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated trespass after charges of promoting prostitution against her were dropped.

Braceville police Chief William Garro said police are investigating a possible link between Owens and Chae. A paper found on the premises indicates Owens transferred the spa to Chae on Feb. 12. However, Garro said police do not know the legality of the document.

“We basically took care of what we saw on the scene when we went in,” Garro said. “We boarded up the business and filed the charges, but we’re still working to investigate some areas.”

Braceville police Sgt. Josh Rudesill on Monday said that all three women are Korean, but police could not say whether they are related. Police could not confirm their U.S. residency status, but said they have valid Ohio driver’s licenses.