Artist contributes to Grohl Alley

WARREN – There’s really no questioning Teresa Puccia’s devotion to Dave Grohl, the Warren-born frontman of the rock ‘n’ roll band Foo Fighters.

She’s been a fanatic of Grohl’s since he was providing the percussion for Nirvana, and tattooed on the right calf of the 41-year-old from Syracuse, N.Y., is miniature Grohl, kind of a caricature that pays homage to the singer, drummer and guitar player.

Late last year, she visited David Grohl Alley in downtown Warren, liked what she saw and made up her mind to make a contribution.

On Saturday, she made good, delivering two hanging flower pots and a cigarette butt receptacle made from a pair of tom drums and a snare drum. They’re decorated with all things Grohl and Foo Fighters and take inspiration from songs and parody skits involving Grohl and the band.

”I really wanted to do something for the alley,” Puccia said. ”I love Dave Grohl … he’s really passionate about his song writing. This is kind of my way of saying thanks for being so cool.”

One of the hanging flower pots takes influence from Grohl’s quenchless thirst for coffee, which ultimately landed him in the hospital, and a parody video that was made poking fun at the singer’s addiction.

Another was done to recognize the Foo Fighters’ song, ”My Hero.”

The flower pots include an inner pot that can be removed, and the cigarette butt receptacle, made from a drum larger than the one used for the flower pots, provides space for sand and access to the sand to remove the discarded cigarettes.

She made the art with the help of her father, Angelo, in his workshop. The drums were donated from bands in the Syracuse area, she said.

The alley that runs parallel to the 100 block of West Market Street last received a makeover that included fresh blacktop and new designs. Also at the alley is a metal sculpture of a guitar.

The pots and cigarette receptacle should be up in time for the Rock ‘n’ Art Alley Fest on May 11. Starting at 3 p.m., the event will include local bands and the unveiling of the Grohl Alley beer and burger.