Victim dead several days

WARREN – A city man who investigators said was stabbed multiple times died several days before his body was discovered this week at his Williamsburg Street home.

Dwayne Hickman, 49, died approximately March 21, the Trumbull County Coroner’s Office confirmed on Wednesday.

Investigators found Hickman’s body Monday morning after his sister, Cathy Orwig of Niles, asked police to check on him because she couldn’t find or contact him.

An autopsy performed Monday confirmed Hickman died from multiple stab wounds, according to the coroner’s office. His death was ruled a homicide – the city’s third this year and its second within a week. There were five homicides in the city in 2012.

Warren Police Lt. Jeff Cole said that as of Wednesday, no one had been charged in Hickman’s killing.

Cole confirmed that Hickman’s vehicle was missing Monday, but the car has since been located. However, investigators do not know whether the vehicle has any connection to Hickman’s death, Cole said.

“We’re making progress,” Cole said.

Orwig told a dispatcher she had been riding past Hickman’s residence for several days and the car was gone. Other family members also had tried to contact him. Orwig told the dispatcher it had been more than a week since she had seen her brother or talked to him.

Investigators confirmed that police were dispatched Monday morning to 3403 Williamsburg St. N.W., which has a “for sale” sign in the front lawn.

On the 911 tape, Hickman’s sister told the dispatcher Hickman had suffered from a stroke, had no strength in his right arm and had trouble walking. She said she did not have a key to the house because her brother, who had been living there, changed the locks after a court ordered it be sold following the death of their mother, Shirley Ball, who owned it. Ball died in 2011.

Orwig said she last talked to her brother on March 14, and a sister talked to him on March 17. Orwig had tried to call on March 21 but could not reach him, she told the dispatcher.

Police are also investigating the shooting death of Rodney Fletcher, 45, 423 Second St. S.W. Police found Fletcher’s body at his residence just before 11 p.m. March 18 after receiving a 911 call from an unidentified woman.

Fletcher died from a gunshot wound to the neck, according to the coroner’s office.

In the first homicide, police named Orlonzo Murry, 27, as a “person of interest” in the death of Cory Blackwell, 25, also of Warren. Blackwell was fatally shot Jan. 1 at the former Sunset Lounge on East Market Street.

Although no one has been charged in that homicide, Murry has remained at the Trumbull County Jail since Warren detectives arrested him at the Franklin County Jail in Columbus earlier this month.

Bond for Murry, 1016 Bennett Ave. N.W., was set at $150,000. He is charged with possession of a firearm in a liquor establishment. Police said he was at the Sunset when Blackwell was fatally shot.

Police have declined to comment on what role, if any, Murry had in Blackwell’s death, other then to confirm he had been at the Sunset around the time Blackwell died.