Salvation Army needs hand

WARREN – Nationwide, the Salvation Army is seeing heavy demand for food relief ; the Warren location is no exception.

According to Warren Capt. Charles Coffelt, more and more people are reaching the end of their savings and desperately need help.

“We don’t feed statistics, we feed people. And right now, we need $12,500 to feed 8,500 people, a whole new population coming to us for food,” Coffelt said. “Our regulars are now being joined by the formerly middle-class, a group that’s just begun to embrace a nightmare they probably thought they’d never see – no money for food. With foreclosures and costs rising, not to mention the effects of recession, times are hard for many in our community.”

The trend coincides with what Coffelt says is the seasonal low in Salvation Army food pantry supplies.

“We’ve used up our holiday donations feeding people through the holidays and beyond. We need a new influx of support,” he said.

Coffelt said that last year in Warren, the Salvation Army served 5,000 meals. Nationwide, the Salvation Army served more than 60 million meals last year.

He said that this year, the Salvation Army expects to provide more than 5,500 meals to families in Warren, as well as grants for rent, utility assistance and food for more than 2,970 families.

“The Salvation Army has always served the neediest, and we will continue to respond to cries for help from those who need it most.”