Pizza delivery driver robbed

WARREN – For the second time within a week, a pizza delivery driver has reported being robbed at gunpoint near the city’s downtown area.

Scott Gilbert, 38, of Warren, who works for the Domino’s Pizza on Mahoning Avenue in Champion, told Warren police he was robbed while delivering pizza to 229 Porter St. N.E. Monday night.

According to a police report, Gilbert said he drove to the back of the residence, which is where the order stated he was to go, at about 10:45 p.m. A man and woman were sitting on the stairs of the residence, according to reports.

Gilbert told police that after he confirmed they ordered a pizza, he started toward them, which is when a third person stuck a pistol in his back, ordered him to the ground and to hand over his money.

Gilbert told police that as he complied, he observed the muzzle of a weapon near his head and described it as being a “silencer.”

Gilbert said that from the ground, he handed the gunman what money he had, while the man and woman from the steps took the warmer pack containing two pizzas and an order of wings. Gilbert watched the three run east through the backyards, the police report states.

Police said they converged in the area of the reported robbery but did not find anyone.

Last week, a Pizza Hut delivery man reported that two men robbed him at gunpoint while he was trying to deliver pizza on Scott Street N.E.

Daniel R. Beauchene, 19, of Warren, told police he drove from Pizza Hut on Mahoning Avenue to 444 Scott St. N.E. at about 10:30 p.m. Beauchene told police he went to the side door where the address is, and as he was about to knock, two men wearing what appeared to be masks approached. One pointed a handgun at him and one of the men said, ”Drop everything,” and “Pull out the money.”

Beauchene told police he dropped the pizza boxes and pulled out about $20. The robbers took the food and money, and ran south through the yards, the police report states.

Beauchene told police he drove back to Pizza Hut and used his cell phone to call his boss.Police reported checking the area but said they were unable to find any suspects. Police said the recovered a Pizza Hut receipt on the ground outside the 444 Scott St. N.E. address.