City: Zoning won’t allow for cabaret

WARREN – Based on the city’s current zoning laws, a private adult club that was ordered closed on Monday within a few days of its grand opening likely cannot be located in the area where it has been established.

Paul Makosky, Warren’s engineering, planning and building director, explained that according to the city’s definition of an adult cabaret, it appears that Stilettos, which opened officially on Saturday, cannot be in the former warehouse at 2226 McMyler St., an area that is zoned manufacturing on one side of the street and residential on the other.

“We’re basing that on our definition of an adult cabaret that resembles the operations that we believe have been proposed for Stilettos,” Makosky said.

He said his office, along with the city’s law department, is looking into the matter further.

According to its website, the 7,000-square-foot club offers a hot tub / spa room, has two floors with two bars, two dance floors and two “one-of-a kind” glow stripper poles. The website also lists at least six rooms with varying themes, a blacklight room and a group room.

On Monday, the city issued Stilettos a cease and desist order that Christopher Taneyhill, Warren chief building official, said was based on “illegal occupancy.”

Taneyhill said Stilettos never applied for the proper zoning permits and therefore was operating illegally. Taneyhill said that as of Tuesday, his office had not heard from Stilettos management whether the club intended to make a change of use request.

According to the Ohio Secretary of State website, the club was registered under the name of Gaus Enterprises LLC in December. The applicant is listed as Bruce Gaus of 1461 Stillwagon Road S.E., Warren. Gaus is also the only person listed as a general partner on the registration.

The establishment is located in a building owned by 2226 McMyler LLC.

When reached by a Tribune Chronicle reporter on Tuesday through a telephone number listed for management on the club’s website, a man who would not identify himself said he planned to issue a news release within the next several days. When asked if he was Gaus, the man did not answer.

After receiving the cease and desist order, the club posted a message on its website announcing that it is temporarily closed but will reopen soon and asked “for those loyal patrons who wish to support the club” to contact local media and the city of Warren.

According to the post, the website has had more than 600 new views since news broke of the city’s issuance of the cease and desist order.

The establishment, which advertises itself as a private adult club, would have to apply for a change of use through the city. But Makosky said that wouldn’t guarantee automatic approval because of the area’s zoning specifications.

According to Warren’s codified ordinances, no adult cabaret shall be established or located within 500 feet of any residence district or single- or two-family dwelling, a regulation city officials said the club violates.

According to a cease and desist document from the Warren Building Inspection Department, the club cannot be used or occupied until a valid certificate of occupancy has been issued by the city building official.

Warren officials found the club’s use and occupancy was non-compliant, according to a cease and desist order issued Monday, and that it did not obtain a valid certificate of occupancy from the building official; obtain the required approvals from the city building official; or submit four sets of construction documents to the building officials for approval as required.