With the big game, it’s about who you know

NILES – For all the talk of storied franchises and long-held allegiances, often who you root for comes down to who you “know.”

At least that was the case at BW3s Sunday night as folks gathered to watch the Baltimore Ravens play the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII.

“We’re here rooting for San Francisco,” Deana Beck of Niles said. “I grew up a San Francisco fan. My father knew (former owner and Youngstown native) Eddie DeBartolo. My husband is here every weekend during the football season watching games.”

Ron Williams, 42, of Warren, said he became a 49ers fan when they traded last year for former Warren G. Harding High School standout Mario Manningham. Unfortunately for him, Manningham was not playing Sunday because of an injury.

Valryi Tarsack of Warren, wearing a No. 7 San Francisco 49ers jersey, joked that she has only been a ‘Niners fan for about three months: “Colin Kapernick is hot,” she said.

Joe Cicchillo, wearing a San Francisco cap and jersey, said he simply hates Baltimore.

“Art Modell ruined them for me,” Cicchillo said of the former Cleveland Browns owner who moved the team to Baltimore in the mid-1990s.

Joe and Amanda Scarmack of Ferrell, Pa., said they were completely neutral.

“If we had our way, neither team would win,” Amanda said. “We’re Pittsburgh Steelers fans. We don’t want the 49ers to win, because they would tie us in Super Bowl wins. We don’t want the Ravens to win, because we have a hatred for them.”

“We’re upset because Jerome Bettis did not get into the Hall of Fame yesterday,” Joe added.

Jonte Davis and Theo Mason, both of Warren, were rooting for the Ravens.

“I’m hoping they will win because it is Ray Lewis’ last game and he deserves to go out on top,” Davis said.

Mason added he would like them to win because he wanted fellow Raven Ed Reed to win this year.

Matthew Williams, 26, his friend, Faith Smith, wore all purple for their beloved Baltimore Ravens.

“I’ve been a fan of the team since they came into the NFL,” Williams said. “I like the way the team plays football. They are very tough.”