Shared treasurer decision pending in Liberty, Hubbard

LIBERTY – A decision will be made in May as to whether two neighboring school districts will share a treasurer.

The schools financial commission met with the Liberty Board of Education on Wednesday to discuss potentially sharing a treasurer with Hubbard Schools.

The state placed Liberty Schools in fiscal emergency in July and appointed the commission to help guide and approve financial decisions.

Rhonda Baldwin-Amorganos, treasurer for Hubbard Schools, was appointed the interim treasurer for Liberty in a special meeting last month. The former treasurer, James Wilson, submitted his resignation to the board in October.

It is Liberty’s intention to hire her under a shared service agreement, which Superintendent Stan Watson said in December is a ground-breaking move to save as much money as possible and still get an effective and accomplished person.

During Wednesday’s meeting, board members posed questions and shared reservations about the logistics of how the shared service would work.

“It’s kind of unchartered waters right now,” Watson said, explaining that some members questioned whether one person would be able to accomplish both tasks in an expedient manner.

Baldwin-Amorganos, who has served as Hubbard’s treasurer since 2007, has said it would be easy for her to go back and forth between the neighboring districts.

Watson said the situation will be evaluated between now and May, at which time a decision regarding the shared position will be made.

“We will have to see how it works out as we move forward,” Watson said.