Police: Stop led officer to drug den

YOUNGSTOWN – A patrol officer checking a suspended driver said they found a drug house on the West Side early Monday evening.

Inside the home, officers found an SKS assault rifle, 15 bags of heroin, several jars full of marijuana, a loaded .357-caliber revolver and .12-gauge shotgun, several various types of ammunition and more than $2,000 in cash, police said.

”This was a very good intuitive effort by our office,” Chief Rod Foley said. ”He had enough information to make an arrest but he still kept going.”

Officer George Anderson was on a routine patrol about 6 p.m. when he spotted an SUV that pulled into a drive at 38 North Portland Ave.

Anderson went around the block and as he did so, he checked the plates because of the quick way the car pulled into the drive. He found that the plates were registered to a suspended driver, the police report states.

When he returned, the car was backing out of the drive but then immediately went back into the drive.

Anderson pulled in behind the car and called for backup and went up to the SUV. When the door opened he could smell marijuana, the police report states. There were several bottles of beer inside and a 10-year-old child who was crying because she was scared, the report states.

The driver, Brittnee Bullen, 22, of West Chester Drive in Austintown, told police she was the older sister of the child and had the girl because her parents were working.

Loud music was coming from the house and when Anderson knocked, the music lowered but no one came to the door, the report states. When he knocked again, Ja’Mon Foster, 19, who lists the home as his address, opened the door, and there was another strong odor of marijuana, the report states.

When Anderson asked if anyone was inside, three people came out. He asked again and another person came out before Foster gave police permission to search the home.

Most of the drugs and weapons were found in the attic, reports state. Foster was cuffed and asked to be allowed to go to the bathroom. Police let him but he managed to run out a front door and get away with his handcuffs still on. Foley said police were still searching for him Tuesday.

Bullen was arrested on charges of child endangering, driving under license suspension and a warrant. Her mother was called and her younger sister was turned over to her.

Foley praised Anderson for continuing to press when he was at the home when he had evidence that more was going on.

”His instincts were right,” Foley said. ”He really turns over rocks. You usually don’t find that kind of arrest by a patrol officer.”