Police investigate break-in

AUSTINTOWN – Police here are investigating the reported break-in of a North Roanoke Avenue home by two men and assault of a woman inside, according to a Sunday news release.

The woman told police that shortly after 11 p.m. Friday, a man knocked on the door of her home asking for the woman’s boyfriend. The woman said her boyfriend was not home and refused a request by the man to use her phone and then shut the door.

She called her boyfriend, and the man knocked again, but she didn’t answer the door, according to the release. While on the phone, the woman told police she heard the back door open and saw two men, one with a silver handgun, walk inside the house.

One man hit her in the head with the gun, knocking her to the floor and the other walked into her bedroom, asking ”where is the money,” according to the release. The woman said she didn’t have any money while being taken to the bedroom and knocked down again.

The woman told police she heard gunshots, and the two man ran from the home. The shots came from the woman’s boyfriend, who had returned home, according to the release.

Police did not find anyone near the home, but did see a trail of blood in the snow. Later, police were called by St. Elizabeth Health Center, which had two gunshot victims. Both victims said they did not know each other and had been shot in Youngstown in different places and at different times, but police are investigating if they are connected to the break-in, according to the release.