New gas supplier available

WARREN – Residents and small businesses in Trumbull County have a new natural gas supplier and will be paying less for the utility.

Baltimore-based Constellation Energy won the right to provide service through competitive bidding under Ohio’s natural gas choice, governmental aggregation program.

Customers will pay $4.46 / Mcf from March through October. Prices after October through February 2015 will be determined on the county’s election to secure a fixed-price rate for the period. Customers were charged $4.62 / Mcf.

All eligible customers should be notified by letter of the gas supply rate, terms and conditions and their right to opt-out of the program. Customers who chose to opt out must do so by Jan. 31, 2013, by notifying Constellation. Customers who stay with the program now can leave at any time penalty free in the two-year period.

To participate in the county program, contact Constellation at 800-718-1493, return the reply card or enroll online at / trumbull. Customers served by another supplier should know their obligations under their existing contract before joining the county’s program.