Mission program focuses on successes

WARREN – Michelle Beauchene believes in the power of telling.

The development director for the Warren Family Mission said Friday that she can tell how the mission’s programs can change lives, but it would be better if those whose lives were changed spoke.

So Friday, she had several people who have taken advantage of the mission’s programs speak to supporters and others interested in the mission. It was the first event of its kind the mission has undertaken, Beauchene said.

”The most powerful thing is to hear people who have went through the program,” Beauchene said. ”The programs could’ve possibly saved their lives.”

Several of those who spoke told of how programs offered by the mission gave them a second chance after they had hit rock bottom because of problems caused by drug and alcohol addiction.

Melinda, who did not use her last name and took part in the mission’s Hannah House program, said she came as part of Trumbull County’s Drug Court and that the help and counseling she received there, as well as learning about God, changed her.

”This is the best thing that ever happened in my life,” she said. ”I no longer have that hate and anger in my life.”

Laura, who also did not use her last name, credited Hannah House for turning her life around from a crippling drug addiction. She said she was introduced to a God she never knew that helped her to heal.

Now, she said she has completed the program, is on the Hannah House staff, cleared up her past legal problems and even got her driver’s license back, which she said she never thought would happen.

”I do not take driving for granted,” Laura said.