Fri. 1:52 p.m.: Niles building official testifies at corruption trial of former mayor

WARREN – Niles Building and Zoning Inspector Anthony J. Vigorito testified today at the political corruption trial of ex-Mayor Ralph Infante that the Cafaro Co. asked for and received reduced fees while it was building new corporate offices and a banquet center at the Eastwood Mall.

Vigorito, among several witnesses who testified Friday morning said he receive directives from the city’s board of control about fee changes. Infante was a member of the board of control.

During the time the Cafaro Co. was preparing to build the banquet center at the mall, Vigorito recalled receiving emails from Cafaro officials asking about fee reductions on work that had been done.

Vigorito responded he would not eliminate the fees for work that had been done prior to an agreement between the company and the city about waving certain fees. He said he received a letter in April 2015 from the board of control that some construction fees were to be waved for the center and other Cafaro Co. projects.