Wed. 8:15 pm: Brookfield schools seek release from fiscal emergency

BROOKFIELD – The school district is seeking release from state-mandated fiscal emergency after carrying the designation for nearly five years.

On Wednesday, the Brookfield Financial Planning and Supervision Commission approved sending a request to the state auditor’s office to be released from fiscal emergency, which the district has been in since May 2013.

Nita Hendryx, local government chief project manager for the Ohio auditor, said the district’s request and its finances will be reviewed by the state auditor. Hendryx said the request was the final step needed to get an analysis done of the district’s five-year forecast to determine if it’s eligible to exit fiscal emergency. The final fiscal planning commission meeting likely will be in early March and a decision may be rendered by then.

“We are on the home stretch,” Hendryx said.

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