Wed. 7:40 pm: PD: Teen accused of assaulting dog a second time

WARREN – A Warren teen convicted of animal cruelty last year and placed on probation after a family dog was sexually abused is facing harsher charges in Trumbull County Family Court after police said he admitted Tuesday to assaulting the same dog twice this year.

Warren police detective Nick Carney said the boy, 17, is being held in the Trumbull County Juvenile Justice Center on a probation violation after a family member reported to Trumbull County Children Services the boy was lying naked in bed with the dog, a dachshund. The boy admitted having intercourse with the dog in July and on Sunday, Carney said, after an hourlong interview at Trumbull County Children Services, where the boy was staying part time.

The reason why the boy was staying with the agency part time was not something Carney could divulge, he said.

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