Thurs. 7:30 pm: Stats reject public perception on Narcan

Most recipients not repeat

WARREN – While many seem to believe that Narcan, an overdose reversal drug, is used over and over again on the same people at taxpayer expense, the statistics don’t support that perception, according to county officials.

Statistics from the Trumbull County Combined Health District show that none of the people who have received free refills of the nasally administered spray have used the kits on the same people, said Kathy Parrilla, a nurse with the health district and the administrator for the local Project DAWN (Death Avoidance With Naloxone) initiative.

More than 350 kits were dispensed by the health department in 2016 to private individuals, treatment facilities and first responders.

“Out of those, we are aware of only 10 kits being used on individuals that had previously received Narcan to reverse their overdoses,” Parilla said.

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