Fri. 8:35 pm: New basketball court coming to Highland Terrace

WARREN – Residents of the Highland Terrace housing complex can look forward to more activity in their community with the addition of a new basketball court.

In an effort to help give children in the community something productive to do, Sandra Kellar with the Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority and Pastor Todd Johnson with the Second Baptist Church decided to fix up the baseball field and basketball court behind the terrace.

“There are about 200 children under the age of 12 in Highland,” Kellar said. “With no recreation, they’re climbing out of windows, playing in the streets, fighting.”

The baseball field was restored by the city last summer, while the court was under construction over the past week, with the poles for basketball hoops installed Thursday. By the end of next week, the hoops will be installed and the basketball lines will be painted.

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