Weds. 11 pm: Mayor tweaks water rate plan

NILES – The mayor said he came up with a way to raise water rates and enough cash to bolster the water fund without hitting senior citizens with a new flat fee.

During a Niles City Council meeting today, Mayor Thomas Scarnecchia asked Andy Catanzarite, the waste water treatment plant supervisor, to explain the new plan. Instead of including a $5 flat fee for residential users with a 15 cent increase, the rate increase will cost consumers 15 percent more, Catanzarite said. The increase will not affect charges for sewage, Catanzarite said.

Users are currently charged $2.98 per 100 cubic feet.

The 15 percent increase will amount to less than a penny per gallon, Catanzarite said. However, the seemingly minute amount will add up for the city because of residents and businesses that use a lot of water. The increase will bring in about $900,000.

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