Thurs. 9:30 pm: New police contract to save Niles $80,000

NILES – The police department’s budget, which has historically been supplemented with cash from the city’s general fund, will be about $80,000 a year less after the union supporting ranking police officers, the administration and city council approved a new contract for its five captains and four lieutenants.

Police Capt. John Marshall said there are not that many changes with the new contract, but the union tried to do its part to save cash for the city. Mayor Tom Scarnecchia said the contract is “wonderful.”

“They were very good, we saved some money on it, I’d say that is a good thing right about now,” Scarnecchia said.

In addition to freezing retirement incentives where they currently stand – the previous cap was 25 years – new members of the supervisors union will not be eligible for retirement incentives, which is a check cut to the employee when she or he retires for their amount of time spent with the city.

New members also will have less vacation time and “comp time,” maxing out at six weeks of vacation instead of the eight weeks current members receive after 25 years or more, and earning half of the “comp time” current members receive.

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