Thurs. 8:50 pm: Psychologist: Convicted killer followed 2016 campaign

WARREN – A forensic psychologist who interviewed convicted killer Andre Williams in March testified she learned the inmate watched a lot of  television coverage of the presidential campaign and had a low opinion of  President-elect Donald Trump.

“Mr. Williams said he wasn’t fond of  Trump because he didn’t think he was a particularly bright individual,” Dr. Carla S. Dreyer testified Thursday during the Trumbull County Common Pleas Court  hearing to determine whether Williams is intellectually disabled.

Dreyer, who is the state’s first witness in the weeklong hearing, spent all day on the stand and refuted earlier testimony from defense experts. In March, Dreyer gave Williams an adaptive behavior assessment, and she said the composite score of  79  was 14 points higher than the score resulting from the same test administered by defense expert Cynthia  Hartung.

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