Sat. 9 pm: Farmers for Trump hold sway in Ohio

ORWELL – It’s a hectic time of year for the farmers who work to put food on the table and although they are busy harvesting corn while the presidential candidates make their last round of pleas for votes, several local farmers said they certainly have time to discuss why Donald Trump should be elected president.

Trump has a 2.7 point lead over Hillary Clinton in Ohio, according to a Nov. 2 Real Clear Politics average of polls. Less than a month ago, Clinton led Trump by 2.3 points in the average of polls.

Dominic Marchese of Manna Farms said Ohioans who live in big cities may not realize just how big agriculture is in Ohio.

“It is tough to eat without a farmer,” said Andy Pecchio.

It is one of the leading industries in the state, and the support of farmers may be helping to tip the scales to the Republican on top of the ticket, Marchese said.

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