Tues. 9:30 pm: Citizens committee endorses Warren income tax increase

WARREN – The Citizens Committee formed to review the city’s budget to determine whether a 0.5-percent income tax increase is needed gave its unanimous support for the five-year proposal.

“Although many political arguments can be made for or against the levy regarding its timing, the truth this bipartisan committee revealed is the need for an increase in tax was inevitable,” Paul Clouser said in the committee’s endorsement letter. “When you cast your vote regarding the levy, you are not casting a vote for or against an individual politician or the administration. You are actually casting a vote for or against your neighbor, your community and yourself, as well as the future of Warren.”

The committee was created as a result of a discussion between Safety Service Director Enzo Cantalamessa and Clouser that led to a five-member group of citizens receiving access to the city’s budget to review and analyze. The group included two members selected by Cantalamessa and two members selected by Clouser. Clouser also worked with the committee and has been its chief spokesperson.

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