Sat. 8 pm: Study ranks area low for job seekers

WARREN – Standing on any hilltop or rooftop along U.S. Route 422 just before dawn, Tim Timko insisted you can clearly see a long chain of car lights as residents travel to jobs in other communities.

“And what do we leave behind in Warren? Darkness, that’s what,” Timko said. “It didn’t used to be that way. It doesn’t matter which way they’re going, which highway or road they’re taking, they’re leaving the city, and in many cases Trumbull County, to go to work somewhere else. That’s the sad reality.”

Timko would know. He is among thousands of local workers who lost jobs in recent years because of downsizing and plant closings. After years of working at the former RG Steel mill, he now makes the daily trek to his job in Solon.

Some members of the local workforce take little comfort in reports indicating Ohio has been outpacing the national economy in job creation or that unemployment rates in recent months were on the mend statewide.  A recent study by personal finance website ranked Warren and Youngstown among the worst cities in Ohio for job seekers.

Find out what else the study showed and what local officials think about it in Sunday’s Tribune Chronicle.