Sat. 8:55 pm: Valley suited as national 3-D leader

It all started with an idea.

From there, Tanner Rivera sketched out his design and put the new printer at Warren G. Harding High School into action.

The result: A nice, three-dimensional gift for his dad.

“I’ve always liked designing things, building things, creating, putting them together,” said Rivera, 16, of Warren. “It’s great when you can think of something, print it and then hold it in your hand.”

And, noted his instructor, Steve Lukco, these days, it’s not just paper that comes out of a printer, but objects. Or, in some instances, pieces of a puzzle that fit together to make something that can be used in “everyday life.”

Recently, Lukco was among a group of more than 20 K-12 educators and military members, many of whom traveled from across the country, to participate in the 3-D Boot Camp, “Train the Trainer,” at the Avalon Inn Resort and Conference Center in Howland. Youngstown-based Applied Systems and Technology Transfer LLC (AST2), with support from W. M. Keck Center for 3-D Innovation at the University of Texas-El Paso, hosted the hands-on additive manufacturing training event.

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