Pests from Pa. invade local homes, farms

WARREN – Locals beware of the pesky brown marmorated stink bug beginning its fall invasion of homes.

Having benefited from the warmer summer, this walking problem for soy, corn and fruit farmers now is making its move into northeast Ohio homes as temperatures dip into the cooler fall season, according to the bi-annual “Bug Barometer” released recently by the National Pest Management Association.

And if they make their way into area residences, homeowners will have a tough time getting rid of them, pest control experts say.

“They were not a problem 20 years ago,” said Lee Beers, Agriculture Educator at the Trumbull County Ohio State Extension. Although Ohio does have a native version of the stink bug that is less common, this new version – the brown marmorated stink bug –  was accidentally introduced from Asia  in the 1900s, and reached Ohio in the early 2000s.

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