Mon. 4 p.m.: City worker fired for peeing in co-worker’s coffee mug

WARREN – The city safety-service director on Friday fired a water department employee accused of urinating in a co-worker’s coffee mug inside the city’s water filtration plant office.

A letter sent Friday to Corey Cobb-Davis from Warren Public Service and Safety Director Enzo Cantalamessa indicates that Davis had admitted to the conduct which occurred Jan. 28. The letter addressed to Davis also said, “You admitted … that it was not your first time.”

“Irrespective of whether the cup was ‘your cup’ or a cup belonging to a co-worker, your conduct was unconscionable,” Cantalamessa said in the letter.

The firing came after an investigation by the city and a pre-disciplinary hearing held last week on administrative charges of “gross misconduct.” Specifically the incident happened in the plant’s UPO II office. The letter offers no explanation of a reason for the act.