Tues. 11:25 a.m.: Kasich to announce presidential bid formally

COLUMBUS – The second-term governor and former congressman is expected to declare his candidacy for President of the United States within minutes at at Ohio State University.

His entry nearly rounds out an unusually diverse Republican lineup with two Hispanics, an African-American, one woman and several younger candidates alongside older white men such as Kasich, 63, and Jeb Bush, 62. The field is so crowded its unclear whether Kasich will qualify for the GOPs first debate in his home state in just two weeks.

How did we end up with 20 people running for president? Kasich asks with a smile in a video recently released by his political action committee. He cites his experience with the federal budget, national security and his leadership of Ohio. “Of all those people running, there’s not one that has experience in all those critical three areas.”

Kasich ran for president once before, briefly seeking the 2000 nomination after he helped seal a federal balanced budget deal as House Budget chairman in 1997. Since then he put in nearly a decade as an investment executive and more than four years of strong-willed and often abrasive leadership as governor.