Sat. 11:04 p.m.: State Patrol makes more narcotics arrests in Trumbull than any other county

COMING SUNDAY: The Ohio State Highway Patrol attributes a nearly five-fold increase in felony drug cases initiated by troopers in Trumbull County to an attentive and engaged workforce.

From January to June this year, the patrol initiated 161 felony drug cases in the county, more than any other of the 88 counties in the state. The largest county by population, Cuyahoga, had 153.

For the same reporting period last year, the patrol initiated 34 felony drug cases in Trumbull County, primarily after stopping vehicles on traffic violations.

In the majority of counties in the state, 50 of them, the patrol initiated 1 to 19 felony drug cases.

“This post has realized that drugs are a major problem affecting the community, and all units at the Southington post have been actively engaged with the public to reduce the amount of drugs on the streets,” patrol spokesman Lt. Craig Cvetan said.

“The post has also been actively engaged with other agencies in the county in a collaborative effort to reduce drug crime and create a safer neighborhood,” he said.

Lt. Brian Holt of the Southington post said, “The majority of felonies that occur in our state will at some point involve our highways. That means troopers have an opportunity to stop a multitude of crimes by being on the lookout for criminal indicators during traffic stops.”

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