Wed. 10:45 p.m.: Warren council tables final 911 vote

WARREN — After more than five months of meetings and discussions on whether to merge the city’s police dispatch unit with the Trumbull County 911, Council tonight tabled the ordinance that would have allowed the administration to negotiate and enter into a contract.

Councilman Dan Sferra, D-at Large, who requested the legislation be tabled, said the city has not provided the information needed for council to make a vote.

“I am not convinced,” Sferra said after the meeting. “I still do not see a need. I do not believe the information was presented well.”

Councilwoman Helen Rucker, D-at Large, agreed that council simply was not ready to vote.

“I am really concerned about our workers,” Rucker said. “I want to make sure they are secure in their jobs and not simply laid off.

Sandy Frazeskos, spokeswoman for the police dispatchers, said she was surprised but pleased by the council’s actions.

“Council members know they (the county) does not have a plan,” Frazeskos said. “This discussion has strictly been focused on revenues. The city needs to look at ways to raise revenues instead of eliminating city jobs.”

Mayor Doug Franklin expressed disappointment that the council did not vote on the proposed legislation.

“They have not given the administration a clear direction on what they would like us to do,” Franklin said. “We were there for all of the meetings council had. Sometimes it is not the answers but the quality of the questions.”

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