Tue., 9:23am: woman prefers prison over time with ex

LISBON – Despite continuing to claim she never went into the house, Loraine Speicher was sentenced in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court to three years in prison for burglary.

Speicher, 39, of Mineral Ridge, told Judge C. Ashley Pike she was caught up with the wrong person and never set foot in the house on state Route 558 near Columbiana. Instead, Speicher said, co-defendant Joshua Bable of Negley was the one who brought a TV out of the house and set it in front of the car for her to put inside, but there was no way she could lift it.

The pair are accused of taking items from the home including a TV, guitar, a camera and a Bowie knife.

Assistant County Prosecutor Ryan Weikart said the owner of the home, Jacob Wright, had been across the road when he saw someone was there. A gun carrier, Wright told deputies he caught them in the house attempting to remove a television from the wall. Bable reportedly ran from the house, but Speicher was held at gunpoint by Wright until deputies arrived.

Speicher said she did not know what was happening and believed she was there to help someone move.

Pike pointed out Speicher misled deputies at first about the person she was with. He also noted Wright had told deputies he found Speicher in the house, but she continued to deny it.

“I never set foot in the house,” she said.

“Why am I having trouble believing you,” Pike responded, asking her why she previously pleaded guilty to the burglary charge if she did not believe she committed the crime.

“I don’t want to see him again,” Speicher said about Bable, adding she believed when Bable pleaded guilty to the burglary charge she believed he had made a deal with the prosecutor’s office and was going to testify against her.

Weikart said after the hearing there was no deal made with Bable.

“You would rather risk going to prison instead of seeing him again,” Pike questioned, adding, “That is an option the court has here.”

While Speicher said she did not want to go to prison, she also said she was “just not ready” to see Bable again.

The judge proceeded to give her three years in prison.

Joshua L. Bable, 33, Front Street, Negley, is scheduled to be sentenced on Thursday, also for burglary in the same case.