Thu., 11:06 pm: Unplugged from chemo, Alberini plugs in guitar

COMING FRIDAY: Richard “Chook” Alberini has a large divot in his right thigh where doctors removed a grapefruit-sized cancerous tumor in May.

“It’s really kind of nice,” Alberini said. “The guitar fits right in that hole perfectly.”

It’s easy to put a positive spin on something that likely will leave him with a permanent limp after being told by his doctors in Columbus that he is cancer-free.

Alberini was diagnosed with sarcoma in 2013, the same year he closed the Niles restaurant that bore his family’s name for more than 50 years.

Now that Chook is unplugged from chemotherapy, it is time to get back with his band, Chookie Unplugged, although he joked that after the health problems he and bass player John Longberry have suffered, the band needs a new name — “The Grateful We’re Not Dead.”

Entertainment Editor Andy Gray was at Leo’s Ristorante in Howland this evening when the band played it’s first concert since Alberini was declared cancer-free. Read about it the Tribune Chronicle on Friday.