Sun., 4:58pm: Kasich detractors options dwindle headed into fall

COLUMBUS – So you’re among the half of Ohio voters who weren’t planning to vote for John Kasich. What now?

With the Republican governor’s Libertarian and tea party foes sidelined and his Democratic rivals campaign disintegrating, pundits and partisans find themselves wondering what path non-Kasich supporters will choose on Election Day. They could skip over the race between Kasich and embattled Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald, throw their support behind the longshot third-party ticket, or just stay home.

After a series of political missteps, including revelations he lacked a permanent driver’s license for a decade, FitzGerald has seen an exodus of top campaign aides and recently announced he’d be diverting a significant chunk of his campaign cash to Democrats’ get-out-the-vote efforts.

“Generals don’t generally go down on the battlefield, but when they do it’s felt all the way down to the privates,” said University of Cincinnati political scientist David Niven. “This is going to depress Democratic turnout for sure.”

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